Law Firm Case Study: Local SEO

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Google Maps Ads

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO helps companies reach more customers by improving their business listings on maps search engines and their placement in organic search. Customers typically perform local searches on Google (and other local search engines) for common regional services like law firms and popular restaurants. Google responds by serving up a list of popular services based on their location, customer reviews, and how well optimized that company is to appear within search engines.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

For companies like law firms and other common local business services, search engines are often the first place people start when researching service providers. A high placement in Google acts like a visual endorsement by Google of the firm. A law firm that out ranks most other firms in the area will likely generate more long term brand awareness, which helps word of mouth marketing. Positive local reviews also help generate more leads and the whole process snowballs into more and more business for your firm.

Local SEO + Google Ads Case Study

To help explain the power of local search, we created a case study based on one law firm’s work with Sean Hecking Consulting Group over 24 months. The firm had average to slightly better than average results from a Google Ads and SEO campaign performed by another agency. The agency helped set a foundation for what our consulting group was able to deliver, which was a much higher level of performance than all other competitors in their niche. The firm now dominates their regional service and has expanded to other cities.

  • CPA (cost per action) decreased from $48 to $16
  • 32% decrease in advertising lead cost in Google Ads
  • Less web form spam and poor quality calls
  • Brand search queries began to appear in Google Analytics / Search Console
  • Dominant placement in: SEO, Google Ads, Google Maps

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